Online Social Media Training Courses

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Prepare yourself and your company to use social media effectively for business gain with this comprehensive online social media training curriculum. Protect your company, product or brand by making sure your employees are equipped to respond publicly to inbound queries on social networks. Accelerate your digital literacy with online social media training from the instructor behind the longest-running, top-rated corporate social media training programs.

Longest-running, top-rated Social Media Training Bootcamp - more info
Learn how to use Social Media for Business - more info
Learn Social Media Monitoring - more info
Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - more info
Learn how to use Facebook for Business - more info
Learn how to use Twitter for Business - more info
Learn how to use Linkedin for Business - more info
Learn to Draft Corporate Social Media Policies - more info
Learn how to Sell Social Media Marketing Services - more info
Learn Blogging for Business - more info
Learn Event Marketing with Social Media - more info

Eric Schwartzman is one of the most experienced and respected social media trainers in the world. Read what participants say about his social media training courses.