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About’s mission is to simplify commerce by providing an economical, easy to use service for companies to transact business electronically. Its state of the art commerce interchange technology provides a solid B2B E-Commerce framework for buyers and sellers to send and track order information over the Internet, while also supporting best practices in fulfillment. With its messaging feature provides order status notification via pager, e-mail or fax to assure clear communications and fast cycle times, allowing purchasers to get the most out payment terms. 

Press Releases 
Aug. 3, 2000 and Netfish Extend B2B Procurement
The Commerce Interchange, a leading supply chain event management exchange, has expanded its integration capabilities as a result of a broad partnership agreement... 
July 20, 2000
SENDORDER.COM DIRECTORY GROWS TO OVER 400,000 SUPPLIERS, the industry leader in the emerging field of internet product ordering and delivery management, today announced a strategic partnership with Manufacturer’s News, Inc.... 
March 9, 2000
B2B WEB PORTAL READY TO FACILITATE EASY PURCHASE ORDER AND SALES ORDER PROCESSING today announced the general release of its free web-based service—their Commerce Interchange(TM). Focusing on the fulfillment side of supply chain management... 
Feb. 2, 2000 Business-to-Business eCommerce Portal Adds Board Member; Expands Management Team, an Internet company providing a Commerce Interchange for all business transactions, today announced the expansion of its senior management team... 
Jan. 25, 2000
Steve Mezak, long time Silicon Valley innovator in business-to-business commerce technology, has launched 

In the News 
May 18, 2000
Purchasing Magazine - offers document integration
By now, buyers everywhere have probably heard that purchasing what your company needs over the Internet saves time, money, and hopefully contributes to an overall increase in productivity...
Feb. 4, 2000
online REPORTER - SendOrder Puts Purchase Orders Online
Start-up is out to make it easier for companies of all sizes to keep track of their purchase and sales orders... 
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