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Social Media Training

Social Media Training in the Classroom and Online

I've written dozens of social media policies for organizations, trained thousands of people on 4 continents to use social media effectively for business. I created the longest running, top-rated social media workshop and produced the broadest, deepest library of self-paced social media training courseware 

Social Media Training Courses

I can teach your organizations to build a social media strategy and harness the power of the latest online tools and services to achieve measurable, business objectives.

I'll point out the strengths and weaknesses of what you're currently doing, show how to improve your efforts and make recommendations on how to achieve maximum impact.

You can contact me to discuss your social media training needs, or if we're already working together, download this PDF for how best to prepare to host a hands-on training seminar:

AV Requirements and Venue Set-Up Recommendations [PDF].

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